On Sunday I headed out to Hout Bay for a late lunch at Greek restaurant, Spiro’s (30 Main Rd) with a group of my crazy (yet still surprisingly sophisticated. lol) friends.  Now I have to say, I very rarely head out to Hout Bay cause in my head it just seems sooooooo far away…  but in reality, it’s like only a 25min drive from mine, so I’ve actually just been a plain lazy ass. :)

Stepping into Spiro’s made me feel like I was entering the set of Mamma Mia! (the 2008 movie version – yes, I actually watched it.  Judge away.).  Lots and lots of blue & white:

A gorgeous outside area out back:

And a rockin’ little island style bar:

Now I’m one of those people who like to study the menu online before going to a restaurant.  As the boyfriend would say “If there’s no PDF, she’s pretty pissed”. haha.  So I already knew what I would be having for mains.  For two days I had the following in my head (to the tune of that little song they always play at baseball games): “ribs ribs ribs ribs, ribs ribs ribs ribs, dun-te-de-dun-te-dun, charge!”  Yes folks – I would be digging into the 400g Pork ribs.  Oh yeah…

But of course we couldn’t just jump straight into mains – mezes are something one should NEVER miss out on.  So Leigh and decided to share a Dipathon (R75) which is basically a selection of any 3 dips served with pita bread.  We opted for the following:

  • Hummus (a classic)
  • Tyrokafteri (creamy feta & chilli)
  • Melitzanosalata (grilled aubergine mashed with garlic, spring onion, lemon & e.v.o)

That hummus was without a doubt the best I’ve ever tasted.  Loved the other two as well, but the hummus I wanted to bloody marry.  I will never again be able to enjoy those ones you buy at the grocery stores… I’ve been spoilt for life. ;)

After a bit of a break and some stretching, I was ready for those ribs.  Check ‘em out:


It was A-MA-ZING.  The meat was super soft and that basting was so deliciously sticky.  I couldn’t finish it all  (shouldn’t have had that exta piece of damn pita bread), but I was still glad I was wearing a loose dress to hide my new rib boep.  Not sexy. 

Our 2pm lunch reservation turned into a long, lazy afternoon of chatting, eating, laughing, drinking and then this little cup of liquid dynamite:

We finally decided to head home at about 6:30pm.  By which point that Greek cuppa had worked its way through my system and my brain felt like it was on supersonic speed (I don’t normally drink coffee – my friends & family have disallowed it, my system just doesn’t deal with it too well).  The BF unfortunately got the brunt of it. Hehe.  I even punched him a few times. But hey, he got to enjoy my rib doggy bag, so that kinda made up for the abuse he had to endure.  Luckily as fast as it hits my system, I also crash & burn and I was fast asleep nice & early that evening.  Like a little evil, caffeine pumped up angel… :) 

So, my Miss K Kiss-o-Meter rating for Spiro’s would be an all round:


The atmosphere, food & service was all all fantastic and we seriously had the sweetest waitor in the world as well.  I will definitely be going back again, hopefully with another big group of mates in tow.