My love for hot dogs started at an early age.  The fam would get together every Sat eve and my mom would make hot dogs while we watched Noot vir Noot.  Yes yes, I am actually THAT Afrikaans. ;)  We’d be chowing down while watching uber cheese host, Johan Stemmet, asking contestants whether they needed nog ‘n nootjie? hehe.

I just used to think the concept of a sausage of any sorts on a roll was like the best invention ever.  Now as an adult (who no longer watches Noot vir Noot due to fear of ridicule by my friends), I still go crazy for a good dog.  In fact on my first overseas holiday to New York a few years back, my main goal was to find one of those dogs with all the trimmings you always see people tucking into on movies and TV.  But being totally new to the whole travelling thing at that time I made the mistake of going to the first hot dog stand I could find in Central Park and ordered away with much excitement.  It was HORRIBLE and all my NY hot dog dreams were totally crushed in an instant.  I’ve learnt over the years that you should always avoid touristy spots for any type of food and rather ask the locals where they’d go…

Anyhoo, back to this new gourmet hot dog spot which recently opened in Cape Town.   It’s called On a Roll and it’s in Mowbray, across the road from the original Fat Cactus.  I first got wind of it about a month back and have been dying to check it out since.  The thought of gourmet dogs didn’t just get me excited though, I had 11 friends who wanted to tag along just at the mention of it!

The interior is very simple with a mustard & ketchup theme.  This is definitely “no frills dining” – but I personally loved it.

I actually think this would make the perfect first date spot.  I mean guys, seriously now, you should never open up with your “A game”.  If you take a girl to a 5 star, fine dining spot on date # 1, where the hell do you go from there?  That just sets a standard your financial planner will hate you for.  BUT if you take her to an easy spot like this, there’s lots of room for growth.  Plus it’s a pretty good way to weed out those “gold diggers” Kanye’s always on about. :)

Now down to the dogs… There’s a good variety of sausages to choose from (and don’t worry veggies – there’s even one for you guys), they all measure in at about 22cm and they are finished off with a seriously impressive array of toppings.   All dogs are served with a bowl of fries (amazing fries btw) and little pots of chilli & garlic paste, gherkin relish & portuguese prego sauce.  Lemme show you what I’m talking about:

Boom! Damn straight, now THAT's what I call a hot diggedy dawg...

From left to right above:

  • The Chicago – R52 (my choice): Wiener with Yellow Mustard, Onion, Sweet Pickle Relish, a Dill Pickle Spear, Tomato Slices & Jalapeño Peppers
  • The German Shepherd - R55: Bockwurst Sausage with German Mustard, Granny Smith Apple and Sauerkraut
  • The Big Oink – R56 (the favourite with the boys): Debreziner Sausage with Chunky Roast Butternut, Crispy Bacon and Sage Cream

Mine was A-MA-ZING.  It totally made up for that poo hot dog I had in NY and I cried a little on the inside (happy crying of course).

The general concensus from the boys at the table however was that it was a bit too small and that some kind of double dog would be much appreciated for those man-sized appetites.  For me though, the serving size was perfect.

Owner and chef, Peter Ayub, who also owns Sense of Taste fine food catering company was really lovely and Clouds and I even got to get a quick snap with the man who totally made my day (maybe even week):

For down-and-dirrrty dawgs that will rock your world, I give On a Roll a Miss K Kiss-o-Meter rating of:

Thanks again Peter!  I’m sure I’ll be back to try and work my way through that menu.