After our forest walk on Sat, we headed over to De Kelders to check out some caves.

Now the original plan was actually to do some shark cage diving (with Gansbaai of course being the hot spot for it).  But sadly the weather didn’t play along and the waves were too high to take us out.  Sure, I was bummed – having packed a nice meaty steak to feed the sharks with and everything.  I even considered having a “sad shark” T-shirt made, like so:

Ag shamepies… I feel your pain dude, you’ve just been given a bad rep… I totally get it.

But after like 5min I was all smiles again, cause they had already lined up plenty of other cool things for us to do.   This cave expedition thing being just one of them.  On the way down to the caves we stopped to have a look at what they call “wild dagga”… apparently you can smoke it, but it’s totally legal… hmmm… interesting:

Leonotis leonurus – also knows as Lion’s Tail or Wild Dagga.  Native to SA and Southern Africa.  Known for it’s medicinal & mild psychoactive properties. Thanks Wikipedia!  I’m sure Billy (our guide) told us all of this as well, but I am really poor at paying attention for extended periods of time… I think he lost me at “dagga”…

The De Kelders shoreline is absolutely incredible.  I mean just check out the perfection in this photo:

Absolutely zero post editing on this shot, I promise.

We got to check out the Drip Cave (named after the dripping water inside).  We were actually very lucky to go inside because it’s not open to the public.  Ooooh aren’t we fancy. ;)  I was concerned mainly about 3 things:

  1. I’m pretty night blind.  So I don’t do well in dark spaces.  Luckily we were each given a little LED flashlight. Sweet.
  2. I’m claustrophobic, so didn’t want to have to climb through any tiny holes or anything.  Luckily they assured us that this would not be the case.  Sweet again.
  3. I’m not a huge fan of bats.  I have this massive fear that they’re going to fly into my fair and get all knotted up in there.  But apparently that’s a total myth…  hmmm, wasn’t 100% sold on that one.

Upon entering I made sure I was walking behind the tallest person there (sorry Zane) cause I figured if the bats were going to attack, they’d get him first and then I’d have time to make a quick exit.  Hey, don’t judge me… it’s survival of the fittest out in the bush! PLUS Zane doesn’t have looooong hair to worry about like me. ;)

Luckily though the bats were quite chilled and I actually felt quite at ease.  It was probably mostly because it’s so calm and pretty in there.  Lemme show you:

Bjorn chillin’ in front of some crystal clear water…. ah bliss…

Colourful rocks… stalactites & stalagmites… (OK, I had to Google those terms – I used “pointy thingies in caves” as my search term.  It was surprisingly successful.)

Back outside, Billy showed us how to make a vuvuzela out of some dried out kelp.  Zane was the first one to give it a bash… he gave it all he could as you can see in this pic:

You can do it Zane!

Other peeps decided to do some serious chillin’ on the rocks…

Tanya, Lunga (our awesome driver) and Clayton… workin’ it…

We did a bit of a walk and some minor rock climbing to get to the other side of the little cliff area we were in.  From here we could see plenty more caves which one could explore:

I see… I see…

Sadly we were on a bit of a tight schedule.  So we had to get movin’.  But at least now I know where they are – if I ever get back to that area, I’m going to check them out for sure.  I mean people used to live there, like way way way back when.  They have found bone tools, stone artefacts and even human remains in these caves… I find stuff like that very interesting.

Oh also good to know, this is apparently a great spot for whale watching from Sep to Nov.  Just one more awesome reason to take a trip out there. :)

We’re only about a third through day 2 of the Gansbaai weekend now…  much more to come.