I finally declare war on all the Lindt bunnies

Easter is a really really tough time for me.  I’m a chocoholic to the core who’s been known to even steal candy from babies…  I’m not proud of it.  But I can’t help myself!  Every year as Easter rolls by, I really do try to be good, I try to say no and I […]

Great sushi in the “burbs”

To celebrate my friend Joe’s bday, we headed out to the “burbs” to his uncle’s sushi place in Plattekloof Rd.

Bluefin is in the Plattekloof Village (on the cnr of Baronetcy Blvd) and does some really tasty & inventive seafood and sushi options.

I really loved the crisp, modern decor which gives it a very elegant […]

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Girls night out

So as I told you guys in my previous post – I was put in charge or organising my friend Lucy’s bachelorette celebrations.

After the success of part 1 (the pamper party), we had a short break to line our stomachs.  For this there is obviously only one option – Steers!  Gawd I love Steers.  […]

Pamper party bliss

The past few months I’ve been on bridesmaid duty.  When my dear friend, Lucy first asked me to be one of her bridesmaids, I was nervous… like REALLY nervous.  I mean, I know absolutely nothing about weddings!  But luckily, thanks to Luce’s amazing organising skills and bubbly personality, helping out has been such a […]

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A hot Fri night at the V&A

The V&A Waterfront is one of my favourite places in Cape Town. It’s got the best shops, there are lots of awesome food options and most importantly it’s filled with tourists all year round which kinda makes you feel like you’re in a different country.  Being a restless soul who gets quite depressed if […]

Birds Boutique is just plain lovely

The other day I had a great lunch session with my gorgeous friend, Lucy.  The goal was to catch up and take a bit of a breather from her hectic final bit of organising for her upcoming wedding.

As I know that weddings can be crazy stressful, I chose Birds Boutique Cafe in Bree St […]

Elmo has a new BFF

WARNING:  This is a totally random and very cutesy post.

So my Elmo has found a new BFF.  His name is Kevin and they love each other to bits.  Check it out:

Come on, that at least gave you half a smile… or maybe a tiny internalised giggle?

Being an “adult” with a job, bond pmts, bills […]

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Cupcakes & art – a perfect match

Last Thu eve I popped into T’Art – Tasteful Art in Loop St for an evening of sweet treats and photographic art.  T’Art is a gorgeous little cake shop specialising in delicious, one of a kind cakes creations by the gorgeous Kim Maccallum who is not only an internationally qualified pastry chef but also […]

Spice things up at the Eastern Food Bazaar

Back when I was lucky enough to be working in town, I used to be a regular at the Eastern Food Bazaar – an amazing food experience that’s quite hard to explain in words.  It’s one of those places you really just have to experience for yourself to fully “get it”.  So upon realising […]

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A cute little bistro on Rose

On a recent “date night”, B and I decided to try out a little spot he’d had his eye on for a while.  I’ts called Bistro on Rose and it is situated in the pretty Bo Kaap area.

You can’t really see the restaurant from the road, only their sign.  But you go up a […]