Last Fri eve I was invited by Nicholas Spagnoletti from new spot, Alexander Bar, at 76 Strand St to come and enjoy some cocktails.  Leigh, my trusty partner in crime, came along for the ride.

They’ve only been open since December last year, but I can tell you that people are already talking about it.  Just a few days before I got the invite from Nicholas, someone had actually asked me about “this new bar in Strand St” and I thought to myself “Hmmm… I’d better go investigate…”.

As you step inside from bustling Strand St, you’re transported to a world from way back when.  With quirky detailing, gorgeous furnishings, dark rich colours and fabulous vintage finds.  Let me show you what I mean:

I was totally lusting after every single piece of furniture in there.  But my absolute favourite piece was this old school record player:

I don’t know why, but I get a huge lump in my throat whenever I hear an old record play.  That sound, with the slightly scratchy background, is just so incredibly beautiful.  I guess I’m just a total sap when it comes to things like that… would love to one day have my very own record player.

Now Nicholas owns & runs the place with his partner Edward van Kuik. Edward happens to be a software engineer (an IT nerd like me!) and has cleverly developed a system which allows people at different tables to converse with each other with these super cute old phones they have placed all over.  Well that is if you still remember how to dial on one of those babies.  It took me a few minutes, not gonna lie. :)

Having a giggle at the voice that says "ring ring" as you dial the table number you wish to chat to.

To drink, Leigh opted for the fancy pants French 74 – Vodka, lime juice, a dash of sugar and champagne.  Nice choice I thought.  And I opted to try their Cucumber Martini which is actually a little gem that’s not on the menu.

French 74 on the left & my Cucumber Martini on the right.

I must say both cocktails were amazing.  And I especially liked the fact that their drinks menu offers some new options, things you wouldn’t really see elsewhere.  If I have to see one more flippen fruit daiquiri filled cocktail menu, I’m going to scream. ;)

Food wise the’ve got some “great classics”, like the Waldorf salad and The Great Gatsby – which is a Bratwurst sausage with pickled cucumber salad, tomato chutney and wholegrain mustard served on a bread roll.  Meat on a roll – one of my absolute favourite things in the world.  Another favourite?  Cheese platters!  They’ve got you covered on that front as well.

Other important things to know:

  • They are open Mon – Sat from 11am to 1am.
  • Their kitchen only closes at midnight!  Woohoo.
  • They run R40 dinner specials each Mon.
  • Tue nights are “games nights”.  Bring either your own game or select one from their collection and let your competitive spirit come out.
  • It’s also a great spot for birthday parties or special functions.  Check out the canape menu on their site.  It’s only a R100 for a platter of 13 items.

Leigh, Nicholas & me

A huge thanks to Nicholas for giving me a reason to pop in.  Next time I’ll be bringing the troops. :)