Right, it’s time once again to have a bit of a laugh at people’s strange Google habits.  These are some “gems” that by some weird luck have directed people to my blog over the past few months:

  • neon pink two piece in cape town
    – Ooooh… I feel a BAD fashion moment coming on…
  • dance like noone is watching quotes tattoos
    – And with this one I feel a bad life choice coming on…
  • ballerinas who had to quit because their boobs got too bigs
    – Well, there’s always Teazers I guess.  ;)
  • chicken flavoured lube
    – Now I know I did a post about bacon flavoured lube a while back, which might seem like a strange product to some, but weirdly I was quite comfortable with it myself.  Probably cause I really love the smell of bacon.  But chicken flavoured lube!?  I’m totally judging on that one.
  • my that’s a lovely shade of bitch you’re wearing ecards
    – Because let’s face it, that card works well for soooo many occasions.
  • young boys wearing sapphire colored speedos
    – Say it with me: SUPER DODGY!!!
  • I hate lindt
    – Well then we can never be friends… Plus, why would you even Google something like this?  Was this person hoping there would be some kind of support group or club or something…  very very strange.
  • hefty black asses in cape town
    – I actually decided to Google this one myself.  I just couldn’t believe that this truly came up with my blog as a result.  Turns out I come up at nr 2!  Basically I’ve used the words “hefty”, “black” and “ass” in various totally unrelated posts and that seems to be good enough for Google to link that seach term to me.  All I’m thinking is that the guy who entered that search must have been helluva disappointed when he came through to my blog. hahahahahaha.

OK, that’s it for now.  Hope everyone’s having a great weekend! :)