Last Sunday, Bjorn and I got treated to an amazing dinner spread at the gorgeous Bungalow in Clifton.

Some might remember this location as the old La Med – a regular student / Sunday afternoon party jol which I frequented regularly back in my early Cape Town days.  But now it has been transformed into a sophisticated drinking, eating and socialising spot but with the same kick ass view and fresh beach air.  The restaurant is split into 3 sections.  You can opt to sit outside to soak up some sun, or you can sit kind of semi-outside in a more relaxed dining area with a beach cottage feel and lit up cocktail bar:

In more of a fancy mood?  No problem, chek out their formal dining area inside:

Loved the chill out couch tables on the outer edges...

Drinks wise, we thought we’d get into the beach spirit (even though it was sadly a very chilly night) witih some cocktails.  A must have on their cocktail menu is without a doubt their Piña colada (R45):

This baby rocked

Then for starters, Bjorn opted for the beef carpaccio (R80) while I got the intriguing Namibian crab claw tempura (R100)…

That beef carpaccio was absolutely beautiful.  But then again, it’s pretty hard to stuff that dish up if you’ve sourced great ingredients.  My crab tempura was interesting.  I loved the fluffiness of the crab meat (crab is not something I’ve ever really tried before), but I thought the presentation could have been better, especially seeing as this is their most expensive starter.

Bjorn was verrrrry hungry and also got a little sushi snack to tie him over while we waited for our mains.  It was good as far as sushi goes, fresh ingredients and nice sticky rice.  Loved the fact that they give you a decent amount of wasabi & ginger.  (Absolutely hate restaurants who skimp on those ;) )

Tuna california roll (65)

Then for mains we were both in a heavy carnivore mood – so I got the Madagascar style sirloin with roasted veggies as my side (R100):

And Bjorn got the Venison of the day (which was Kudu) with some crispy thin fries as his side (R160):

Mine was good.  But that Kudu steak of Bjorn’s was out of this  world.  I had serious food envy and ended up begging for little bites from his plate (he wasn’t happy about this by any means… hehe… but he’s a good boyfriend… aaaaah).  AND after trying to be all healthy with my roasted veggies, I also ended up stealing most of his chips. :)

By the time we got to dessert, we were absolutely stuffed.  So we opted to share the Crème brûlée (R45).  But just look how pretty it was!

And it tasted just as good as it looked...

All ‘n all, we had a really great evening at The Bungalow.  Yes – I do think the food is a bit pricey.  But the service was very good, the place is beautiful and for that Kudu steak, Piña colada & Crème brûlée, they get the following Miss K Kiss-o-Meter rating from me:

Just a tip:  Really try get there before the sun sets.  There’s something just so incredibly cool about dining while watching a beautiful sunset…  it’s important to stop & enjoy these little pleasures in life, isn’t it? ;)