On Sat I popped over to the De Waterkant area with the “Ou bros” (aka the Asian Twins) for lunch.  Our original plan was to try out new spot, Ragù @ 123 Waterkant St for a little summin different.  ;)

It’s a cute little spot which serves up a mix of Italian fashion & food under one roof and then I hear they also serve up some great cocktails.  The menu apparently changes daily and therefore only has a limited number of options.  Decor wise, I absolutely loved it.  It’s quirky and fun with lots of awesome little details which makes for a cool visual impact.

BUT the prices were just plain crazy.  Most lunch options were around the R120 mark and a spaghetti bolognaise was a whopping R130!  I’m sorry, but on no planet am I spending that much on a spag bol daahlings.  Even in Italy, when I was paying in euros, I did not spend that much… craziness I tell ya.  All 3 of us agreed that there wasn’t anything on the menu that looked enticing enough for us to “fork out the cash” so to speak, so we decided to rather opt out and find another place to dine…

We figured we would just walk around the area and see if we could find something else we hadn’t yet tried.  Thing is at that point it was almost 2pm and a lot of the freestanding smaller dining spots in that area close their kitchens at 2pm… problem.  We also tried Cape Quarter, but we weren’t really feelin’ any of the options there.  I was however quite surprised to see that a few places had actually closed down recently – Aqua in the old Cape Quarter for example and then also Vanilla which used to occupy quite a big part of the new extention.  To be honest, neither was a favourite of mine.  Guess other people felt the same.

Eventually we settled in at Soho - a Thai restaurant which is part of the Village Lodge, a 15 room boutique hotel offering bed & breakfast accommodation on Napier St.

Love the building…

The restaurant interior is quite nice.  It has a chic, cosmopolitan feel with lots of rich colours and a very cute bar area:

It was relatively decent weather though, chilly but the sun was out, so we decided to soak up some rays outside instead.  We would have preferred the roof-top pool bar area (which Joe & Ben assure me is a must see), but sadly it was closed for the afternoon.  Not too much of a loss though as it was very chilled out there on the stoep.  They had Cafe Del Mar style tunes pouring out onto the street and you got to take in the beautiful street view:

De Waterkant just has a special feel about it… doesn’t it?

Totally starved by that point, I was ready to dig in.  Joe (who cheated and already had lunch round 1 at home) decided to go for something light.  So he got the fishcake starter and some Tom Yum soup (didn’t get the prices of these two dishes – sorry):

Tord mun pla – deep fried spicy fish cakes served with cucumber salad and a delicate sweet & sour sauce

Thailand’s most famous soup – a spicy hot & sour soup served with mushrooms, lemon grass & coriander.

I on the other hand needed something more substantial, so I went for a green chicken curry (R90 – steamed rice included):

Kaeng kiew wahn – green curry cooked with coconut milk, fresh herbs & thai aubergines

Then Ben who NEVER eats light (seriously this guy can eat… don’t know where he puts it all!), opted for their Phad thai noodles (R85 – also the chicken option):

Phad thai – famous thai noodles with peanuts & bean sprouts

Now I can’t fault the food, everything was really good.  My green curry had such a lovely flavour and just the right amount of burn to go down like a treat.  Joe also said that his Tom Yum soup was the best he has had in Cape Town.  But we did wait quite a while for the food to come out and I did think the prices were a bit steep compared to some other good Thai options in town.

I will give Soho the following Miss K Kiss-o-Meter ratings:

  • Vibe & Food: 
  • Service & Price:

And I definitely want to go back for some drinks at that roof-top bar at some point.