DSC08821The FHM 100 Sexiest issue goes on sale today and I’m sure that’s got quite a few SA men very very excited.

I joined the FHM team this past weekend to celebrate this year’s list with a bash which took place at The Woodstock Exchange.

Now normally I would have gone “The Woodstock Exhchange? Woohoo! Love that place”, but when it’s a evening event in the middle of winter with a sexy cocktail theme, not so much.  Why?  Cause it’s cold as ballz, that’s why.  Some advice I’d give to the organisers for next year:  definitely reconsider the outdoors thing when the temperature gage says “freeze point”. 


I mean, just look at how cold that horse was. His hair was standing freakin’ straight up in the air and all!

At least the presence of Bain’s Cape Mountain Whisky helped warm us up a little bit.  We obviously opted for neat shots rather than it served on the rocks.  And because we’re total party pro’s, we forged on…


Left: Clouds (who was rocking the coolest stockings ever) with MC for the evening, Dene Botha; Top right: With my nr 1 man, Bjorn & bestie Leigh. Bottom right: Fighting the cold to still break out a big smile with my girls.

You’re probably going, OK OK enough of you, where are the hot 100 chicks at??  Right, let’s get on with it then.  The absolutely gorgeous Former Miss SA, Melinda Bam, took the overall number 1 spot.  And from these pics, you can definitely see why:


Extremely hot lady & a total sweetheart too.

I also reconnected with Simone de Kock who I know from a lingerie shoot we did together back in 2011.  Since then Simone has gone on to win the Sports Illustrated New Model Search, she made top 5 in Miss SA and now she’s the 10th hottest lady on the 100 Sexiest list.  On the other hand I’ve gone on to… um… ja… right… let’s just move along swiftly then. ;)  But on a serious note, I’m so happy for her because it couldn’t have happened to a lovelier girl.

Another FHM hottie on the scene was actress Carishma Basday – you might remember her from the 2011 SA movie, Material (which is an awesome movie btw and if you haven’t yet seen it, make a plan).  She’s the perfect petite bombshell cause this lady’s got some curves that would hurt somebody (as her pic below will show).


Top: with Simone & per top 10 pic from the mag; Bottom: with Carishma and her sexy piccie too.

 Unfortunately boys, those were the only top 100 hotties I spotted.  But I can at least also share some steamy pics from the burlesque show we were treated to:


She had some serious dominatrix vibes going on…

And then the real highlight of the evening for me was getting to see awesome girl rocker band, The Dollfins:


These girls totally killed it. They have a cool grungy, rockabilly sound & I became an instant fan.

By the time the DJ got started however, we couldn’t bare the cold any longer.  So we bid the dance floor farewell in exchange for the promise of warm, cosy (electric blanket fitted) beds at home…


Later dudes…

BUT NOT BEFORE Clouds got a last burst of energy and decided to break out an  impromtu shoot on a scooter outside.  The funny part was that Bjorn really got into the director’s role and immediately jumped in giving tips & advice:


We even heard “that’s good Clouds, you look so Rihanna right now”. Which is why her nickname from now on will be “Riri”.  Love you crazy people.

When I got home I discovered that my media pack actually included a really great surprise.  Something which would totally ensure I had everything needed to be a strong contender for next year’s sexiest list…. boobs!!


Yeah bitches… start voting now!