Some Gourmet Boerie specials to help you keep warm

So it’s Friday afternoon… the weekend is finally here, but the weather certainly is not playing along.  You’re probably thinking “I could kill for a boerie & a beer right about now”… if not, you probably will be after I tell you about these specials the guys at Gourmet Boerie over in Kloof St […]

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Gourmet Boerie’s official launch bash

I’ve been patiently (OK I lie, I’m not patient in any way hehe)… anxiously waiting then… for Gourmet Boerie to open since hearing the first rumour of it’s future existence like months and months back.

The thought of my favourite food getting a fabulous high fashion makeover was just too much excitement for me to […]

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Gourmet Boerie teaser…

I’ve been keeping a keen eye on a new development on the corner of Kloof & Buitensingel streets in town…  It’s a dining spot called Gourmet Boerie and they’re due to open later this month.

The term “boerie” being Afrikaans slang for “boerewors”, the name clearly points to the fact that they are going to […]

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