A visit to Paris should definitely include a visit to Ladurée

This totally deserved it’s own post…

I missed it the last time I was in Paris, but this time round, it was number 1 on my agenda:  a visit to Ladurée on the luxurious Champs-Elysees to buy some of their world famous macarons (also commonly referred to as macaroons – whatever you prefer, I don’t get all […]

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Tempting treats at Ma Mére Maison

Olive oil and roasted almond nougat, honey & vanilla bean mashmallows coated in roasted coconut, soft white chocolate and stem ginger fudge…

These are only some of the amazing  things you will be able to sink your teeth into at French style confectioner, Ma Mére Maison.  Hidden away in the Salt Circle Arcade in Salt River, to me it […]

Pamper party bliss

The past few months I’ve been on bridesmaid duty.  When my dear friend, Lucy first asked me to be one of her bridesmaids, I was nervous… like REALLY nervous.  I mean, I know absolutely nothing about weddings!  But luckily, thanks to Luce’s amazing organising skills and bubbly personality, helping out has been such a […]

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The people at Voila! are pure evil ;)

Seriously, have any of you tried walking past Voila! in Cape Quarter without stopping for a little snack?  I’ll give you the answer…. NO!!!  Why?  Cause it’s humanly impossible to pass by THIS table without totally cracking…

You see what I mean?  I am pleading to the people at Voila! to please add some kind […]

Macaron heaven…

So…. I actually came back from my Italian holiday 1kg lighter than when I left Cape Town!  How awesome is that?  The whole time I was stressing about coming back the size of a house with all that eating I was doing…  I think it must have been all the walking and stair climbing […]