My Global Party recap

The Global Party started back in 2011 with the mission to unify partygoers around the world, all in support of a host of great causes.

With their 2011 kick off party, they managed to throw parties spanning 80+ countries over a 24 hour period.  Pretty impressive, no?  Well not as impressive as the 120+ countries they […]

The Global Party disappoints

Soooo… after all that hype with the uber fancy invites and the super exclusive silver keys and all (check out my post about it here), I had built up this event in my mind to be something that was going to totally blow me away.

The venue, Fez, did make me nervous.  But I rationalised […]

The Global Party invite

My friends, brothers Joe & Benny, are seriously well connected when it comes to the Cape Town party scene.  So for them getting VIP invites to parties is not really a special occasion.  This time however, I think even they were totally taken aback…

They’ve received invites to “The Global Party” for them and lucky […]